Kid's Party Entertainer for 3-7 Year Olds (since 2014!)

With a lot of clown silly-business,

Comedy magic (and a little real magic!),

It's not a birthday party without music so there's a ukulele for the grand finale (and to keep everyone in tune for the birthday song!)...

...and starring Monty the naughty puppet monkey!

Who is Mishmash?

Michelle Witte is a birthday party entertainer who trained in acting and European clowning in the UK, France, the Netherlands and Australia. She worked as a therapeutic Clown Doctor in Sydney's major children's hospitals with The Humour Foundation and also with dementia patients with the Arts Health Institute (Aust.). Michelle created Mishmash in Switzerland where she lived for 13 years where she was one of Zurich's leading kid's party entertainers, and has performed over 500 shows! Michelle is also a marketing consultant and mum!

(Mishmash is also suitable for toddler's birthday entertainment).

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